Elena Lecuona
  Elena Lecuona  was born in Santa Cruz de Tenerife but very soon she moves to  the peninsule with her family and there, in Madrid, she studies Arts in San Fernando School, she was finalist in the Rome Prize. She was boarder by the Rodriguez Acosta  Fundation of Granada.   
  In Madrid, she and some collegues take a studio where they work  and investigate new techniques and they sign a contract to hand over the work with a merchant of the Twenty Century Art from Los Angeles (USA). 
   She finishes her degree in 1968 and stars to exhibit and to participate in numerous national and international art contests and exhibitions, Blanco y Negro contests for young artists, Biennial of sports in Art, Gallery of young artists in Paris and Bruxelles, Biennials in Bilbao and Zaragoza, Joan Miró Prize, Contemporary artists of the Genaral Direction of Arts, XXth Century Canarian artists of  the Nestor Museum, Monografic exhibitions in Art Galleries and Art Centres in the Peninsule and in the Canary Islands.  
1969       Azur Gallery,   Madrid. 

1970        Ateneo de La Laguna.  

1971        Art Circle,  Santa Cruz. 
                Conca Gallery de La Laguna. 

1973        Circle  2 Gallery , Madrid. 
                Quixote Gallery,  Madrid. 
                Picasso Gallery,  Salamanca. 

1975        Saving Bank of La Laguna. 

1978        Linz Gallery de Viena. 
                Círcle 2 Gallery ,  Madrid. 

1979        Art Gallery of  the Canary Saving Bank. 

1982        Ateneo ,  La Laguna. 

1985        Acrópolis Gallery,  Madrid. 

1986        Garoé Art Gallery ,  Santa Cruz . 
1988        Paraninfo Art Gallery,  La  
                 La Laguna University. 

1989        Santa Bárbara Gallery ,  Madrid. 

1990        Contemporary Art Gallery, Néstor Museum    
                Las Palmas. 

1993        Monteverde Gallery de Santa Fe (Nuevo 
                Méjico, USA) 

1994        La  Recova Art Gallery,  Santa Cruz. 

1995        Orensanz  Fundation,  New York. 

1996         Magda Lázaro  Art Gallery,  Santa Cruz 
                 of  Tenerife.  


    _ Painting Prize in the National Art Exhibition in 1968 and 1970. 

    _ Chamberí Prize of  the   Madrid Council  1967 and 1968. 

    _ Alicante Saving bank prize in 1972. 

    _ First Prize of the Regional Art Exhibition of the insular Cabildo in 1971.

 She has run errands in different places of the Mainland and the Canary Islands. 

    She has painting en : 
        _ Rupert Collection in Viena. 

        _ Rodríguez Acosta  Fundation. 

        _ Joan Miró Fundation. 

        _ San Fernando Academy. 

        _Nestor Museum  in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 

        _Contemporary Art Museum in  Madrid. 

        _ Madrid Town Hall. 

        _Vatican contemporary Art Gallery. 




Elena Lecuona 
C/ Guzmán El Bueno nº40 - 3º 
Madrid - 28015 
Tfno: 34 915436308 

c/ Nava y Grimón, nº68 
La Laguna - 38201 
S/C de Tenerife - Islas Canarias 
Tfno: 34 922258526 

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